MURPHY & DAUGHTERS: Luxe Tin | Geranium Design


Named after inspirational women through history. these hand creams are designed to uplift, inspire and heighten your senses. In pretty tubes and packaged in a luxe matching box these hand creams make an exquisite gift for friends (or yourself).

Perfect for your handbag, gym bag, car or travel bag, take your hand cream with you wherever you go, and apply throughout the day. Instantly smooth, so creamy,  and nourishing, just rub it in, clean finish, no sticky residue!

And best of all you will be left with a sublime reusable luxe tin long after the hand creams are finished.

Created in small batches, and using 3 of our signature scents we have blended our creams using the purest ingredients available. The base ingredient of this hand cream is Aloe Vera. Key ingredients include Shea Butter for its anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties, Macadamia Seed Oil - a great emollient that is hydrating and restorative, and also Rosehip Oil, Meadowfoam oil, Avocado Oil, Carrageenan, Beta-Carotene and Vitamin C. All these ingredients have remarkable healing, soothing and moisturising properties.

ALEXANDRINE - Geranium - a sweet spicy scent with floral notes of rose, pepper and lemon with a warm velvety base note.
VIDA - Violet - fragrantly green and sparkling fresh heart from the Violet leaf with a subtle sweet floral high note from the flower.
MIRABAI - Rose - fragranced with a delicate yet complex blend of Roses, wild, mysterious and sweet.

  • Made in Australia with lots of love and integrity.
  • Approximate Weight: 75ml x 3

Murphy & Daughters product is CRUELTY FREE, and PEG and Paraben free. It does not contain harmful chemicals and is not tested on animals.